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Shinkara Connection is versatile and dynamic. Here you will find a trilogy of love in an alternative healing practice which has evolved into a beautiful blend of Christianity, Non-Physical Helping Spirits and Shamanism.  Through years of training in Christianity, Shamanism, and communicating with her helpers in non-physical, Joana Shinkara Morris developed many methods of healing.  Joana feels this is her mission in this life.   Her spiritual awareness (Connection) produces unique ways in which to hold healing for another.  Her connection with her non-physical helping Spirits produces an insight into the life of each individual she connects with. She opens new ideas of thought, and assistance in letting go of non-helpful activities or habits one may possess.   Even just to ask questions you may have wondered about, the trilogy is present. 

Shinkara Connection is perfect for everyone of every age.  English is required for those of you who live in other parts of the world and could use healing help, spiritual consultation, Shamanism healing, learn about their life plan or just want to learn new techniques.  Joana Shinkara is located in the USA, in the Midwest and serves all walks of life with her modality of healing and teachings.  Her offerings have been engaged remotely in 10 countries with successful results.  She delights in working with the public in any way she can.  Listed on this website is her profile, a few of her modalities, and a few of her most popular workshops.  Below are some responses from others regarding their experiences with her connection.   The workshops can be as inclusive as four days or as minimal as one day.  With the flexibility Joana exhibits, she can create the time and space for whatever a person wants in the arena of her work.   The service she does is pronounced by her to be fun and profound.   When you ask her for an appointment you always receive all of her trilogy of connection, automatically.

You are invited to peruse this website and determine if there is something here for you.  Thanks for visiting  Shinkara Connection and let us hear from you soon.

                           What Others Have to Say About Shinkara's Connection

“Joana is always spot-on, like she hears the smallest, truest sound within me and brings the interaction to that level.  It's so much easier to know freedom when you have someone speaking from the place where yours exists."  
Corey Chambers, Huntsville, AL

"You are a very strong person with a wonderful sense of humor. Your intuition and intelligence seem endless.   You have a warm wonderful maternal way and you seem to have this great endless energy. You've kept me on my toes without fail and you are not afraid of me or overcome by my Resistance.  With your many guides and all you've learned, you've allowed and helped me heal by leaps and bounds and made it as fun and painless as possible.  I think it is that little streak of wild in you that makes it so much fun." 
Melinda Monks, Cape Elizabeth, ME.

A short note about Shinkara:
“I have known Joana Shinkara Morris for 20 plus years.  At first I called her for readings and upliftment in my every day issues.  Her readings always left me with a healthier outlook for my life.  She is direct and channels Spirit impeccably.  I would not be where I am in my spirituality without the direction and help of Joana and her healing guides.   Joana transcends the ordinary, assisting to bring the planet and the living elements into a clear and enlightened place.  She supports the 5TH dimensional energy and assists with the re-alignment of the Earth’s grid in the clearest and most loving way possible.  Joana’s intentions are always heartfelt and genuine.  She is a healthy teacher/facilitator in that she has done her own work as well as assisting where she is needed or guided to be.  The light just fills up any space she enters as she carries it in such a beautifully gentle and giving way.  She is non wavering in her dedication to bringing upliftment, love and clarity to her spiritual teachings, healing or her life.  She is empowering, working with an intensity that is awe inspiring.  Joana has earned respect, gratitude, love and friendship from me, as she will for you."
Diane Eide Deming, RN, CMT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Awakener, Waleska, GA.

“Dear Joana,
I want you to know that in the thirteen years that I’ve known you, that of the hundreds of healers, intuitives’, mediums, and channels I know, there is no one I trust more to do healing and divination work for me than you. You are extremely gifted, honest, loving, and highly accurate with the information you provide from your wide circle of acquaintances in the world of Spirit. You quietly and humbly do your thing for your many clients without fanfare or publicity. Those who find you as friend or client are the lucky ones guided by Spirit. Without reservation I lovingly call you shaman and wise woman.”               
John Livingston, M.A., Spiritual Counselor and Angel  Healer, Sedona, AZ

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