My Profile
Joana Shinkara Morris was born a psychic into a gifted family of psychics. The nature of spirits is as common to her as any other family member. She has learned many modalities of healing both from a non-physical Iroquois Indian who began talking to her when she was 15 years of age.  This non-physical being calls Joana, ShinKara.  She has also learned from other Shamans in physical form over her years.  

Joana has the unique gift of tuning in to anyone, anywhere, if she is given the name of the person and their location. She is able to scan the body and identify areas in need of healing and then is able to perform the healing with that person. Joana has had the benefit of assisting people from all over the world.  These quests have brought her abilities at this time to offer her gifts to the vast public.
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            Mission Statement

To lovingly facilitate myself and others in
knowing Divine Guidance, awakening
personal gifts and defining goals, thereby
enhancing Earth’s vibration of love.