Shamanic Services
Soul Retrieval: An ancient form of healing is for people who feel as if they have lost their spirit or soul. Loss of soul is different in everyone, but the most common cause of soul loss is trauma or accidents. The shaman travels into non-ordinary reality where the soul piece goes when it splits off, heals the soul piece and brings it back with healthy information about the incident, but minus the trauma.

Power Retrieval: Loss of power causes illness, confusion and out of sorts feelings which just seem to continually exists. Returning of this power restores harmony to the body, promotes clear thinking and gives a general sense of well-being.

Psycho Pomp: Departed souls sometimes linger on the earth due to confusion or a personal agenda. After a while they become distracting to a person or property. The shamanic method of healing guides the departed soul across in a loving manner and aids in their transition. If a person feels a departed soul is around them and feels they are lingering for too long of a time, then Joana leads departed souls to the light.

Extraction Healing: Joana removes “stuck” energy from the body and aura, including activating healing within the organs and mends the aura. Blocks of energy and imprints may cause continued pain in a location within the body and/or the mind. This stuck energy is traced and removed in Joana’s shamanic healing practice.

General Clearing: Joana performs a clearing of all organs, chakras, provides a balancing, clears any cords present, checks the grid system of the body, identifies organ language which causes negative repetitive responses and aligns the person with their spiritual helper. A strong sense of freedom is experienced after this type of healing.

Location/Property Clearing: Joana does this at a distance restoring harmony and quiet to the area.

Life Plan Readings: – Joana taps into her Inner Being, also known as Divine Guidance and can gives  information on what a person’s life plan is about. These readings tend to help a person feel more comfortable in their life with a greater sense of direction. Joana can answer any question about any subject or person (dead or alive) once she is connected to that person’s life plan. Joana was born psychic and has been communicating in this way all of her life.

New Baby Dedication: Joana creates a ceremony whereby she reads the Life Plan of the new born, identifies the baby’s spiritual helper and puts together a gift package for the parent to keep for the child’s future good will. These are always performed in person in a gathering of the parents and other family members to witness. The witnessing promotes cooperation by the family to lovingly assist the newborn in guidance toward opening to the gifts the newborn possesses.
    Other Healing Modalities

Reiki Master Teacher: Joana has been a Master/Teacher since 1992. Treatments may be in person or remotely. Joana teaches the Usui System of Reiki in all levels, one level at a time. These teachings are done in workshop arenas.

Master Esoteric Healer: Joana is skilled in reading the body in person or remotely and performing techniques which bring forth healing and balance. Trained in esoteric methods and psychic surgery, Joana has been successfully performing this type of assistance since 1990.

Awakenings: Joana performs this method of healing with the aid of non-physical loving beings re-aligning the body, mind and soul for ease of moving their consciousness into the 5TH Dimensional way of living their life. Awakenings assist a person in walking one’s talk in a smoother fashion promoting healthier views, truth and non-judgmental attitudes.

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