Basic Shamanism: A beginners training is to learn to locate and occupy three levels of connection. Obtain your own helping teacher, power animal and power object. This is a two day workshop. This workshop is a prerequisite for all other training in shamanism with me.

Extraction Healing: This workshop teaches methods of removing dysfunctional energy from the body. This is a two day workshop.

Depossession Training: Joana teaches the shamanic methods of removing deceased entities from a person, place or thing. She further teaches how to assist these deceased souls across to the other side. All teaching is done in established methods of creating unconditional love in the workshop. This is a 3 day workshop.

Soul Retrieval: This method of healing is the most important type of healing there is for another. It is done in extreme caution while establishing specific methods in a loving atmosphere. Students practice on each other. This study is for advanced students and you must have great confidence in your journey connection. This workshop will have fun time as well as serious time.  Four full days is required for this training.

Divination Training: As a psychic, Joana teaches divination training in the shamanic method. She also teaches her own created method of learning how to call out your own gift order. As a result, it becomes entertaining and enlightening. This is a two day workshop.

Dowsing: Joana is a lifelong dowser and has taught many classes in dowsing. She teaches several methods to obtain clear cut answers and assist you in learning to trust your answers. This is a one day workshop. For intermediate training two days are required. No pre-requisite.

Manifesting Your Goals: Joana has a unique method of teaching a group how to identify their goals and then bring them into manifestation. This is a one day workshop. No pre-requisite.

Reiki Training: Joana teaches all levels of Reiki in the Usui method. Reiki is a pure gift from God and can heal anything. Joana only accepts 3 people at a time in her first three levels of training. All Teacher Training is done one on one and then she assists the new teacher for a year in the methods learned. However, Joana does not get your students for you. Each level of training is for one day. In the Teacher Training, each level depends on the correctness of the attunements learned. One does not move to the next level of mastership until they are able to perform the attunements perfectly.

Creating an Apacheta: In the Quechua language, apacheta means a pile of stones left by wayfarers along the Andean paths. An apacheta is a stone structure placed in ceremony on a spot of land along a lay line which corresponds with other apacheta lay lines around the world. An experienced dowser locates the lay line. This workshop is a one day training which includes building the apacheta on the land. This is an ancient tradition of the indigenous people all over the world and may be called by other names. Building an apacheta will enhance tranquility on whatever location it is placed as long as periodic attention is given to it. Responsibility goes with this practice. This ceremony is sweet, powerful and has a unique look with each apacheta showing a different face. It is a beautiful experience
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